Top Attractions in Miami
The Beaches
No trip to Miami is complete without a good span of time spent on the vast beaches. White sands spanning for miles allow visitors to Miami the perfect spots for relaxation and recharging. Many of the
beaches provide the hiring of chairs, parasols and sports equipment.
This is a perfect family outing that should have at least half a day dedicated to it. Seaquarium is situated in the centre of the tourist hub – between Miami Beach and Downtown Miami. The daily
shows are breathtaking and the weather allows for shows to be performed all year round.
Holidays should not only be about partying and beaches. The Everglades National Park provides visitors with the chance to explore the outdoors with camping, canoeing and hiking. The Park
is also abundant with wildlife and this includes 14 endangered species.
Parrot Jungle Island
With Miami’s tropical climate, the area is able to house bird sanctuaries like Parrot Jungle Island. The Island allows bird enthusiasts (and those looking for some tranquillity away from the
bustle of Miami city) to enjoy the wonders of the parrot world which is both relaxing and entertaining.
Coral Castle
As one of the uncanny monuments in the world, this 1100 ton coral castle was built by Ed Leedskalnin – a Latvian-American – in honour of his lover. Although the construction took more than 28
years to build, a visit only requires a few hours and is well worth the effort.
Coconot Grove
Cruise Port
Miami Airport
Miami Beach
Coral Gables
Convention Center
Key Biscayne
South Beach
Sun Life Stadium
AA Arena
South Miami
Cities Close to Miami:
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Boca Raton
West Palm Beach
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Ft. Lauderdale
Pompano Beach
Vero Beach
Fort Pierce
Other Cities
New York
San Francisco
Los Angeles
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